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The ECANA Area Service Committee meets on the third Sunday of every month.


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ECANA Public Relations

Why public relations is important to the NA member
The Narcotics Anonymous message is “that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live.” Our relations with the public enable us to share this message broadly so that those who might benefit from our program of recovery can find us. We perform public relations service to increase the awareness and credibility of the NA program. We share our message openly with the public at large, with prospective members, and with professionals. Maintaining an open, attractive attitude in these efforts helps us to create and improve relationships with those outside the fellowship. Establishing and maintaining a commitment to these relationships, can help us to further our primary purpose.

The spiritual principles of our steps, traditions, and concepts guide us in pursuing our public relations aims and our efforts to enhance NA’s public image and reputation. These principles apply to our community and service efforts as well as to the personal behavior and attitude of individual NA members.

The following points are goals that we can strive to fulfill in making NA a visible and attractive choice for addicts:

  1. We clarify what services NA can and cannot provide to the community.
  2. We make NA members more aware of their role in NA’s public image.
  3. We aim for the public to recognize NA as a positive and reliable organization.
  4. We develop valuable relationships with professionals and the general public.

The Public Relations SubCommittee (including PI and H&I) meets on the
first Thursday of every month at Bridge to Freedom, St Andrews Episcopal Church, 1608 Bakers Court, Panama City @6:30pm. For more information email


ECANA Hospitals & Institutions

Hospitals & Institutions committees carry the NA message of recovery to addicts who, due to incarceration or institutionalization, do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings. H&I is an important service in our Public Relations efforts in NA.


Minimum requirements for ALL H&I panel members
1.) Participate in an active role in meetings/presentations in facility
2.) Adhere to all applicable rules of the facility and procedures for that meeting
3.) Go over "Do's and Dont's" with panel leader
4.) Clean time requirement- 6 months
5.) Had an H&I Learning Day in the previous 2 years

The ECANA H&I is currently carrying the message to addicts in the following facilities:

Keeton House: Men and Women, 1st Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm
Additional requirements: Cannot currently be on probation

Bay County Jail: Women only, 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, 5:30-7pm
Additional requirements: Cannot currently be on probation, must fill-out volunteer application, background check required, yearly orientation with Chaplain Newell

Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital: Men and Women, Every Saturday, 7-8pm
Additional requirements: Clean time- 18 months

C.A.R.E. Detox: Men and Women, Every Monday, 7 pm
Additional requirements: Clean time- 2 years

If you are interested in doing H&I service work, please attend the next ECPRS
sub-committee meeting, which is held the 1st Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at Bridge to Freedom, St Andrews Episcopal Church, 1608 Bakers Court, Panama City or

H & I is a great way to get involved!



EFFECTIVE 2 December 2016, New Attitudes will be meeting at Bridge to Freedom until further notice.


3rd Sunday of the month@3:00pm


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